Monday, January 7, 2013

Will you commit to 30 minutes a day?

Since wednesday I feel like I have been doing AWESOME!  My energy level is going up and my bloated feeling is leaving.  It feels so good.  I have always had some sort of a mental block with weekends and good health.  When I was in the exercise mode it was easy but it takes a lot for me to get there.  So this weekend I have eaten good and stayed motivated but really did not plan to exercise until monday.  Then Susan (yes I know I always talk about her and I swear I am not just a stalker we are really friends I swear!) posted this video from Miz Fit 

She talks about consistency and exercising 30 minutes a day.  It made sense.  So simple really.  It got me thinking... easy I will commit to my 30 minutes every day.  Then I realized it's Sunday in Utah, no gym.  I sold my treadmill and my bowflex.  It is also about 10 degrees outside.  Even with all of that I knew I would have to come up with something.  So while I was thinking about what to do I read this from Meegan.  I all but jumped off the couch ready to move and do anything I could for my 30 minute workout!  When I say I get inspired by reading about others that is not just hot air!  I really get inspired! (THANK YOU)

I asked all of the Rotten's if they wanted to go on a hike and they looked at me like I lost my mind.  Rotten #3 teased my by offering his complete face mask incase I ended up sleeping on the mountain.  Ha ha really funny!  I avoid the snow completely I hate the cold and only own cutsie snow boots so I grabbed Rotten #1's boots.

To big but much better than mine
Since the whole family thought I was on snow crack and would not go with me I resorted to the only buddy who never questions a good walk. 

Stewie the snow dog
We headed out feeling a bit rebellious because it was fun to see the reaction of my family and do it anyway.  As I was heading down the road I thought about walking in the snow for a better workout and it worked.  It is almost like walking on sand.  It was fun!

Foot prints in the snow

It was beautiful!  As I was walking along I wondered why I hadn't done it before.  With this extra inspiration I have today I am committing to some form of exercise 30 minutes a day everyday.  Obviously I am not going to freeze to death on the farm going for a little walk so that excuse is no longer valid.  
See I am alive with special hair and looking like I am about to eat my phone.
Now I am going to ask you to commit to 30 minutes a day as well.  It can be anything just think about how little 30 minutes is.  It's nothing at all that will make a huge difference long term!

XO Shannon


  1. um
    is here where I can say I needed the reminder of my own words?


  2. I committed yesterday when I saw all the same things...My thinking is 30 minutes even if it is in 10 to 15 minute spurts...(long break in the intervals LOL) as long as it gets me moving ...its my do better!

    thank you for coming back with such an igniting motivates and inspires me too! xoxo

    1. Awesome Jules! Do Better that is what it is all about right? Intervals are good. Great way to think about how to make sure you get it in! Thank you for always inspiring me :) XO

  3. I love to hike! But you Utah-ians get all the snow and we gets nothing over here in Delaware. Darn global warming! I would totally hike with ya.

  4. OMG I LOVE the special hair! and Stewie! And... SEE we could have gone snowshoeing! Next time!!! I am very proud of you. Let them laugh!!

  5. Love your commitment! I'm doing something like this, alternating basic resistance days with cardio. I don't think the resistance days his 30, but the combination seems to be working.

  6. That 30 minutes a day comes back in benefits far beyond that 30 minutes! Good for you and that special hair is indeed special!

  7. I love your pics! It looks so cold! You really are committed.

    I'm delaying exercise for the moment because I'm in a lot of pain. I will start going to the gym pool a few times a week in the near future though. I have to start somewhere!


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