Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weigh In And What I Am Doing To Lose

Today is week 2 weigh in and guess what?

-4.2 pounds this week -9 pounds total
Down 4.2 pounds this week with a 9 pounds lost total in 2 weeks!  Excited?  Hell yeah I am excited!  This is honestly the first time in my life that I have consistently stuck with my plan and had such great results without some whacked out diet.  It feels GREAT!

Here is a list of what got me here this past couple of weeks.

Up until last saturday I was going with mindful eating.  Doing the best I know to choose portions and healthy foods.  I decided to weigh in to see how I was doing with it.  I had not lost anything from the previous wednesday.  So I decided I needed more help than I thought and after looking into many things decided on weight watchers.  It has been wonderful!  So easy to follow and come to find out my problem was my portion sizes and a few of the choices I was making.  Loving this program!

I am drinking water like a mad woman!  Its weird because I am not forcing myself to drink it I CRAVE it.  I cannot get enough and lucky for me that is a good thing.

Zumba with some new friends
Exercise!  I have been doing whatever sounds fun.  Last night was Zumba and even though I have 2 left feet it was fun once I got past my insecurities.  The instructor is very dedicated and just loves her class and it shows.  So helpful and so FUN!

Bollywood video

I tried this Bollywood dance video that just happens to be free on Dish in the t.v. rentals.  Ka-Ching!  It made me feel like a sexy indian goddess for the day.  For the sake of my family I am glad no one was home!

Spin.  Is was a little rough but I will be trying it again. 

Strength training.  Remember Heath-onator?  He gave me his plan, thank you!

I am measuring everything.  I don't have a scale but I do have measuring 
cups and I use them very often!

Off to week 3!  Feeling good and happy about my progress.  I do have a goal of 10 pounds a month.  It's reasonable and reachable. 

Have a beautiful day!

XO Shannon 


  1. Wow! You are kicking ARSE!!!! Nicely done, my friend. VERY nicely done! Keep up the great work. XO

  2. Love.Love.Love
    Your commitment is the most inspiring

  3. Whoa, slow down, sister. You're making the rest of us look bad!

  4. Hey can you share your strength training plan. ST is one of my struggles!

  5. Another fantastic week! Way to go, Shannon!! :)

  6. I love this!!! Yo! How tired of you of peeing by now though. LOL!

    Keep up the great work and doing all those wonderful things that are taking off the pounds.

  7. Go girl!! And I am so with you on craving's something that has been a good habit my entire life. At least I have one, right? ;-)


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