Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today was a good day

It is so strange how a day can make such a difference but today was a wonderful day.  I did not do much, just hang around home with my Rottens and I enjoyed every minute of it!
In my trying to figure out everything I started thinking about what I used to love to do before I worked, when I was home more often.  The answer is baking.  So much baking!  I am sure you can figure out what the problem with that is so I quit a few years ago.  This really got me thinking about how much I miss it and if it was "safe" for me to do a little bit of baking.  Before when I baked, I ate so much of it but today I do not have to.  There is no rule that says I have to eat everything I bake right?  My habits have changed enough that I feel like I can handle it, so I baked today.

It felt good.  I made 4 loaves of zucchini bread, gave 2 away and kept 2 for my family.  Normally I would have eaten a whole loaf but tonight everyone has had some and there is a loaf and a half sitting on the counter for the next few days, mission accomplished.  I may be able to do what I love without stressing out over it, YES!  If I can get permission to share this recipe OMG I so will, it is fabulous!

Then my most favorite stand on the planet opened last week, HARWARD FARMS corn stand!!!!  If you are from Utah you know the beauty of this time of year.  So yummy and such a fun part of our summer. 

We just learned how to grill it from my cousin Angela.  You soak the corn in water 20-30 minutes before grilling and wha-la perfect corn on the cob, slurp!

As I was sitting outside Reagan said "look at the sky!" right there in front of us was a perfect rainbow.  It was so big I could not fit it all into my camera.  So pretty! 

Lawrence came home from his 3rd day at his new job and was so happy, it is going well.  That makes me very proud of him and very happy!

At the end of the day to look back I realize it was perfect. Just being, living, doing what we do around here, it's perfect to me.  Today it seems like badfunkland does not even exist and I am so glad.

Looking forward to more days just like this one,


  1. So glad you are feeling better!! xoxo

  2. OMG!! Shanney pants, what a beautiful picture. All your pics make me want to pack up and move in with you, L, and the rottens!!

    I am glad you are feeling better!! Funny thing, I had the baking revelation the other day - HAD to make blueberry muffins! ;P

    much love, jen

  3. So glad you had a great day! I always make zuchinni bread during the holidays. A friend is going to let me borrow their bread machine and I am excited to experiment with different types of bread in the next few weekends.
    BTW- The corn looks amazing :)

  4. What a beautiful rainbow picture!!!

  5. Knowing how cameras never do justice to a landscape, I can only imagine that your view is about 50,000 times more gorgeous than even this gorgeous photo!

    So glad you are feeling better and were able to have fun baking! I found some recipes I like on; her site has a lot tasty stuff. (She's a registered dietician, so it's healthy, too.)

  6. Oh no! I passed on the badfunk to you :) Just know you are not the only one, and I have been scared to try and start baking myself. I did go to the gym as soon as I returned from Utah and the result is..barely walking:) I did this squat machine that killed me. I can give you a little advice as we are so much similar. The gym will get that anxiety out and it only takes only 7 days to make a habit. Make getting your anxiety out a habit..It works well for me:). I love your pics, can you send me our, (or should I say my) sundae pic..Love Ya Angela

  7. I want the recipe!! (YUM) and that rainbow... sigh. I just returned from camp and am just now seeing that you were in BadFunkLand. I think it takes these days to get to the other side. Glad you are sitting under a rainbow now. oxoxo

  8. What a beautiful picture! Congrats on baking and still having some leftover. It sounds like things are shifting for both of us. That is a good thing...:-) xoxo

  9. And she's back! The secret to happiness is noticing it in our daily lives... Great post!

  10. Dear Superwoman: I NEEDS that zucchini bread. It's the mostly beautifullest one I've even seen. (and that rainbow...that scenery. you are so blessed to live in a place so wonderful)


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