Monday, December 16, 2013

Moving On....

I have finally decided to put Superwoman Spirit to rest and move forward. I do want to blog just about my life in general with no rules, no expectations, poor grammar, punctuation and spelling as well! So if you want to follow me along you can find me here.

Friday, May 17, 2013

I am Alive Well and Furniture Frenzied!

I thought today I would take a minute to let the few of you who are wondering where I have gone that I am ALIVE!   I always have the best of intentions when I start blogging here on a regular basis again, I do, I swear.  However sometimes life throws me a curve that changes that path.  Luckily this time around it's a good curve YAY!

I have been extremely busy in a good way.  When that happens in life you just have to make choices and sometimes give some things up.  For me it's usually this blog (darn it).  For a while I will not be blogging here.  Knowing myself like I do though I do expect that one day when I have time I will decide I miss it again and will be back.  I really do foresee that with my special psychic powers!

My time and effort are still working on being the best healthiest me I can even if my lunch choices do not show that.  It always there in my mind and I know that I will have that moment when I get my shit together again for a while.  Ideal way to do this?  No but it's life and me and the way it works sometimes.  It is a struggle especially when I am busy as I know it is for so many others.  I have realized I take it all in intervals.  Weird I know but it's how I roll.  In the end of it all I just hope it works out that I have more good health intervals than bad.  Thats what its all about right?  More good than bad.  Just doing better than before.

So if you want to see what I am doing for now you can follow me over HERE at our Reclaim-ologists and Other Crafty Chicks blog.  It's a perfect place for all of you DIY'ers and vintage lovers.  We are also on FACEBOOK and instagram under Reclaim_ologists and on Pinterest.  I know this is not about health and fitness but it's about life, my life and where I am at.

XO Shannon

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday... Down 2.2 Pounds

Back on track this week WAHOO!  So glad to finally have gotten back into the groove it was a couple rough weeks.

196.0 down 2.2 pounds total loss 16.2 pounds!
This is proof you can travel, eat and enjoy life and still lose weight.  I think this weeks secret weapon for sure was exercise.  Consistent exercise.  

I have a half of a pound to lose in 2 days to win my diet bet.  I think that is doable!  Have a wonderful day!

XO Shannon 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Motivation Monday... Empowerment in Friendship

This past weekend I spent in Oakland with my friend Susan.  Can I just say AMAZING!  I seriously have had such a good time and feel so rejuvenated and ready to continue on my path of health and well being.  I think the thing I love most about being here is I can 100% be myself.  I don't have to pretend to be republican (insert wink).  Religion is not an issue.  Deep conversation is not an issue.  Dreams and wishes are supported and heard.  More than anything there is someone here in real life next to me for a few days thats "get's it" all of it.  The sense of empowerment that brings to me is just unbelievable.   It is just so nice to.... be. The beautiful thing about having such an amazing friend in my life is that she has never gave up on me.  In her doing that I work so much harder to not give up on myself.

My first 8 mile run ever!

Lunch time ... Not! Sorry Carla you're the Not Foodie
I am thrilled that you carry that title I will not fight you for it ;) 
In all of the years I have been blogging, half blogging or on a blogging hiatus.  One thing I have loved most and wanted to always put first are the real connections I have made with people through here.  To me that alone is the sole purpose of all of this for me.  Such a blessing in my life!  

Carla Me Susan
I finally after how many years got to meet Carla in real life (laughed at her a little) and felt like we had already met.  She is the cutest dang thing ever!  She is just herself and that is so wonderful.  

Susan Kris Me Deb

I also got to meet Kris and Deb.  That was a nice surprise and I am so glad to have had the opportunity. 

If there is anything I could say to anyone who is blogging or reading.  It is never to late in life to make new friends.  It is okay to search out those like minded people that will support and love you for all of your crazy dreams and wishes.  Find people who wish just as crazy and dream even bigger dreams than yours.  Your life will be better for it and so will theirs. 

XO Shannon

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In Brought To You By Emotional Eating

This mornings weigh in went pretty much as I had expected it to.  I gained 1.4 pounds this week.  I could go into a whole I don't know how this all happened!  What did I do wrong?!  There is no way!  But it would all just be bull shit.  I know exactly how it happened.  I know what I shoved in my pie hole and I know how many days of exercise I missed.

Gained 1.4 pounds 
I am an emotional eater.  On top of that I am an emotional person.  I feel my emotions, your emotions and just the emotion in the energy around me everywhere I go, it can be exhausting.  I can't help it I am sensitive that way and it can be a good thing but a really bad thing at the same time.  This is something that I do work on trying to keep a handle on and I have gotten better at it but this past week I lost control of it more than I kept it under control.  Emotions alone are why I am here today without a doubt.  I was raised to just tuck it a way and not talk about it and now as an adult it has come out in my life like the Tasmanian Devil!  The difference between now and 10 years ago is that when I catch ahold of it all now I try to work through it instead of tuck it away again.  I am getting better at it but there are just times that are harder than others.  It's okay.  It's life and I know I will not let this turn into 2 weeks.

On a good note tomorrow I leave for Oakland to see SUSAN!  I am beyond excited and cannot wait to have girl time and catch up.  I get to see her show as well and that will be such a treat!  The timing cannot be better for so many reasons!

Oh and one more thing...

Monster Blueberry Muffin

This little monster is 12 weight watchers points!  Yes almost half of my daily point allowance.   Lesson learned.  Do not fool yourself into thinking that it is good for you ever for any reason no matter what!

XO Shannon 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Put Yourself First

One thing I noticed that I do and I am certain so many others do the exact same is put everyone else first.  It's the nice thing to do right?  We have been taught our entire lives to take care of others and to be a female on top of that just compounds everything.  We  turn into mothers that mother the whole neighborhood and football team.  It's a natural chain of events.  It is good to be caring and loving.  HOWEVER there is a fine line in all of it.  If we give and give and give sometimes there is nothing left for us.

So this week our Spark group goal is to take care of ourselves.  Put ourselves first.  That does not mean forget about everyone else but it does mean to take the time to take care of us before we take care of others.  By doing that it helps us all be the best we can be and in turn we are able to give our best selves to all of those we love and want to take care of.  Something that we all so easily overlook.

I challenge you to do the same this week.  Put yourself first.  Do something nice for yourself, take time to enjoy things that bring you joy.  There is only one of YOU and by being the best that you can possibly be you give a gift to the rest of the world.  No one expects you to ever be any different.

XO Shannon

Saturday, February 16, 2013

You've Won... But we can't talk about that.

You have won...

I am emotionally exhausted.
Your point has been made at an expense I never expected.
18 years you have called and on the 19th no?  Yes you made your point.
The cards you were going to put in the mail never came.  Is that making a point too?
I have tried to be strong and not let it all get to me but tonight  once again my barrier has crumbled.
I find myself in a crying mess with a broken heart.  Just like the ride home a few weeks ago realizing where I stand in your life now but we never really talked about that.
I am beaten down to everything I have been fighting off and thought I could get past.
You've proven me wrong.  I guess a part of me still craves your approval without attachments.
It has never been the divorce that has been hard for me to understand its everything that fell apart around it but we can't talk about that.
To realize the core of everything that I thought was... is not.  It is painful.  I am crushed but we can't talk about that.
Not being able to communicate just constantly leaves a feeling of hurt and sadness in my life but we can't talk about that.
You don't know the nights and days that my heart broke because I needed to talk with you about how I feel and knowing I couldn't because if it is hard for you, you just shut me down.
Reality is to hard to deal with so it gets tucked away in a box like everything else.
I don't expect that you will ever read this and if you do I don't expect much other than to know I may have hurt your feelings and that breaks my heart as well.
It's a no win situation for me.  So it's a battle.  Tonight I feel defeated but we won't be talking about that.